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ok, so you've tested some distros, visited Debian, ArchBang, Fedora and so on
and now, you want to build your own system.
Archlinux or Debian netinst are too minimal for you ?
you just need a little help to start ?
livarp_cli is for you...

==== livarp_cli 0.4 -- as close as i can from Debian netinst ====

livarp_cli is a 100% free Debian Wheezy based distro.
his main goal is to let you build your own system from
a very minimal live/install distro.

livarp_cli is build every month to provide updated iso image.

== some tools to help ==
 - dvtm: tty tiling manager
 - shell: bash/zsh(default)
 - terminal: screen
 - edit: vim & nano
 - infos & monitoring: htop, ncdu, dfc
 - web browser: links2
 - mail client: mutt
 - irc & tchat: weechat
 - torrent: rtorrent
 - graphics: fbi
 - tools: xfonts-terminus, ccze
 - misc: calcurse, most, curl, bc
 - multimedia: mocp, cli_radio, mplayer
 - archives: dtrx & extract bash-funtion
 - power: upower, acpi
 - filesystems: parted, dosfstools, ntfs-3g, mtools, ntfsprogs
 - admin: sudo, apt-show-versions, gdebi
 - firewall: iptables user script
 - network: wpasupplicant, wireless-tools
 - ssh server&client
 - basic firewall added handled by iptables script

== installation ==
livarp_0.4_cli is available on iso-hybrid format. it can be used :
 - on cd: just burn it
 - on usbdisk with dd command:
        'sudo dd if=livarp_0.4_cli.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M;sync'