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cache dns


S = k . log W
         the Boltzmann formula shows the relationship between entropy
         and the number of ways the atoms or molecules of a thermodynamic
         system can be arranged
            [ Wikipedia, Boltzmann's entropy formula ]

what ?

a simple/tiny cache for dns query

how ?

it listen on the port 53 reply with the answer if it's already stored
and make the query to dns servers (in config.h) if it doesn't exists.
When the server receive a query it extracts the name if
it's a valid name it stores the entire query in the answer file.

configuration is made in config.h

caching is just a directory in a filesystem, you may mount a ramfs or tmpfs.

The directory is as this :
    `_ abcd.com
       `_ answer
        _ hits

every directory in the cache is the dns we wanna cache
inside we will find two file. One is the answer we got from the
dns server. The other file is the number of times we've been asked
for this dns. 
why ?

because nscd or dnsmasq seemed too overkill to just caching the dns.

to make it wortk you can remove all the dns in /etc/resolv.conf and just put



There is a service directory for runit : sklogw_sv
with a run, finish and log script.