Allow to use a multi text question type for 'town and postal code search'.

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Cope postal - Ville

Allow to use a multi text question to get Postal code, town name and Insee code. User have an autocomplete helper to search the town (only french town actually).



  • Go to your LimeSurvey Directory (version up to 2.05)
  • Clone in plugins/cpVille directory

Via ZIP dowload

Setup and activation

  • During activation an new table is created and data is set up in this table.
  • If your hoster have very limited time for PHP scriot : this can break.
  • You can set yourself the DB : name must be lime_cpville_insee_cp (lime_ must be replaced by real prefix) and column insee, nom, cp, nomsimple.
  • You can add another column : then this can prefill specific subquestion.
  • If needed : you can update the database your way.


In a multi text question type : set a Sub question with SaisieVille code launch a system to

  • Allow user search for postal code or part of town name to fill the sub question
  • Fill Extra sub question with code CodePostal with the postal code
  • Fill Extra sub question with code Insee with the Insee code
  • Fill Extra sub question with code Nom with the town name

Each code can be completed by some cararcter : this allow multiple SaisieVille in same question. For example SaisieVilleA, SaisieVilleB and InseeA, InseeB filled by insee code. Plugin settings allow admin user to

  • Update the default sub question code and use awn code
  • Choose the maximum number of lines returned
  • Choose if extra sub question is shown or not
  • Choose what to show to user and what to save in the database of LimeSurvey

For user, some helper is done

  • Search on postal code if only number is entered
  • Search on multiple part : example villen asc for Villeneuve d'Ascq

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